Camp Tukabatchee is 1 of 2 camps (the other being Cub Scout Camp Dexter Hobbs) located on the 1,000 acre Warner Scout Reservation. The camp is owned and operated by the Tukabatchee Area Council, BSA, and encompasses approximately 350 acres of the reservation.

Camp Tukabatchee opened in summer 2000. The camp features a 50-acre lake for swimming, rowing, canoeing, sailing, and fishing. A complete C.O.P.E course and climbing/rappelling wall are located along the Dawson Environmental Trail at camp.

Program features include an excellent shooting sports center incorporating rifle, shotgun and archery, a full aquatics program, mountain biking, handicraft, Scoutcraft, sundry nature and environmental centers.

Meals are served cafeteria style in a large air-conditioned dining hall. The administrative building at camp is an air-conditioned facility that provides visitors restrooms and space for training and meetings. An airconditioned 4-bed infirmary provides medical support for camp. Pavilions, staff cabins, and a self serve trading post complete the basic program components.

Campsites are spacious. Most campsites encompass 3 acres and are designed for 32 scouts and leaders. Raised platforms, cots and tents utilizing outriggers are the dominant scout housing. Each campsite has a multiuse pavilion that incorporates flushable commodes and urinals, sinks and hot water showers. Underground utilities provide electricity and public county water to each campsite.